Sunday, August 7, 2011

2-month checkup and potty training

Babycakes had her 2-month well child visit on Wednesday.  All is well with her!  She is staying in the same percentiles for height, weight and head circumference, so we are happy about that.  She got her shots this visit.  She scared me a little bit.  They gave her the shots, she let out one yell, then she didn't inhale.  I was telling her to breathe, and the lady told me to blow in her face.  As soon as I did that, she was back to wailing.  I don't like the breath-holding with pain.  Too scary for this momma.

Babycakes is so sweet.  When she is awake during the day, this is pretty much what she looks like.  If you give her attention and talk to her, she gives out smiles freely.  So precious!

Getting some kisses from Daddy

Several people have asked if Babycakes looks like Princess Boo did when she was little.  Here is a picture for comparison.  In these, Cakes is 2 months old and Boo is 3.5 months.  You can tell that Boo fills the dress a little better than Cakes.  I'll have to take another picture at 3.5 months.  :)

The girls really do seem to enjoy each other.  Boo likes to play with Cakes' toys, and she is beginning to attempt to get some sister involvement.  This means I need to be a bit more attentive when Babycakes is awake, but it is worth the extra work to see the sister bond beginning to form.

I love this picture of Princess Boo with her daddy.

We have been working on potty training with Princess Boo.  This is her training chart.  She puts a sticker on every time she goes on the potty.  I had one square designated as her goal, and when she got there she could go out for ice cream with Daddy.  This is her chart the night she reached that goal.

 Here she is with her ice cream sundae!  (She let me and Babycakes come along.)

Definitely enjoying it.

I was so glad I brought a change of clothes for her!

We are looking forward to visits from family this week.  Both my husband's parents and my own are coming!  It will be a fun-filled few days here at the Farley Funhouse!  I am sure there will be many photos to share next time I post.  :)