Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow, snow, snow


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love Her!

I just wanted to share a picture of Sarah and me, taken by my dad this morning. Love her!

We have been so pleased with Sarah's sleeping schedule lately. There was one night last week when she woke up at 3am and could not fall back asleep. Out of pure frustration, we just let her cry herself to sleep. Since that night, she has not wanted to be cuddled to sleep at night. (I already miss that.) She wants to cuddle while she drinks her milk, then she wants to lay in her bed and put herself to sleep! Of course she protests when you lay her down and cries until you are out of eyesight, but then there is silence...until 6:30 in the morning! Ahhhhhh, it is sweet.

She is also taking better naps. She tells us (in various ways) when she wants to go to sleep. She has gone to the door leading up to the stairs, patted it and said "night night". She has pulled out her nighttime books, had us read them to her, and then said "night night". She has also nodded her head when we asked if she wanted to go night night, grabbed her bear, and waited for us to take her upstairs.

I'm loving it. I pray this continues.

Friday, February 19, 2010

1-Year Appointment and Pictures

We took Sarah in for her 1-year checkup last week, and she is on track developmentally. The doctor said she is a strong little girl and that everything looks great. :) Let me just say: I miss the girl who gave the shots in California. She got it done before Sarah even figured out what was going on. This girl here took forever, Sarah was bawling, and we had to hold her arms and legs down throughout the process. By the end of it, Momma was crying too. And then we had to have blood drawn to check her lead level. Poor little Sarah. The tourniquet was the worst part of that for her though. All in all, she was a trooper.

We recently had a friend take Sarah's 1-year pictures. I am so excited with how they turned out. Dawn is a talented photo editor, and she was able to take out a few bumps and bruises that were on Sarah's forehead that day. I love the creative spin she put on some of these, too. I am only sharing 5, because that's how many Blogger allows me to upload at a time. :)

Just in case we ever forget her name:
My Mamaw made this dress, and I wore it in my 1-year photos. In mine, I am holding a babydoll with a matching dress. Sarah's not into babydolls. She is VERY into Bluebeary.
So many Elmos! Can life get better?
Buckeye Baby! She's a cute little cheerleader.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why I Love Sesame Street and Pics of Sarah

Scroll down for a post from earlier this morning.

I love Sesame Street. I never watched it as a child, but I am a big fan now! I love it, because it not only teaches your child important things like using their imagination and oral hygiene, but it also introduces them to celebrities such as Adam Sandler, Feist, Goo Goo Dolls, and Sheryl Crow. Sarah is learning a lot from Sesame Street. So am I. :)

On to the pictures:

I love this face!

Family Picture!

Bonding time with Daddy

I gave her a container of yogurt and a spoon, and this is the result:
She liked it! :)

Growing Sarah

Sarah is changing every day. I look at her and wonder where my baby went. This is a little toddler!!! I cannot believe how much she changes, seemingly daily.

She is walking like a pro now. She tries to run, which is hilarious. Her little body goes faster than her legs sometimes, and down she goes. It is especially funny to watch her run from Tim, as he is trying to "get her". She gets so excited, laughs so hard, and can barely move. I need to capture that on video, because it is so precious.

She likes to unpack and repack things. She loves stuffing things in places they may or may not go. We often find Little People in her ball popper, or Bluebeary in her tractor. She loves to pull all her toys out of her toybox and not actually play with any of them. Another favorite of hers is dropping anything and everything in the trash can. :(

Her vocabulary is flourishing. Over the past week or two, she has said (on occasion): Bible, Elmo, Nana, Book, Ball, What, and Uh-oh. She has mastered Mama, Dada, and Night Night. She jabbers all the time and tries to mimic what you say. This stage is so much fun!

Her current favorites:
Food: She likes it all! She seems especially fond of yogurt though, and you cannot eat a banana in front of her without sharing.
Toy: Bluebeary, of course! She loves her new Scout too though.
Book: Anything Sesame Street
Activity: Watching Elmo on the computer (we have to limit this, but she's so cute when she wants to watch it!!!)

Her current dislikes:
Food: Ha ha! She loves all food.
Toy: She does not like her baby doll. She doesn't dislike it, but you have to trick her into holding it. :)
Book: She doesn't dislike any, but she doesn't have much patience for long pages.
Activity: Sitting still! :) Sleeping!

Speaking of sleeping, the past two nights have been pretty awesome. She has slept from about 6:30 until 5:00 without waking up! This is a breakthrough! The down side: We cannot get her back to sleep at 5:00. I am willing to get up with her at 5, but yesterday she was CRANKY until her nap. Then again, her nap was 2 and a half hours long. Sleep is still a work in progress. I am just so happy that I have gotten 7-8 straight hours of sleep the past two nights!

Well, Sweetie wants attention. Hopefully she will take a long nap today so I can post some new pictures! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Timmy

I used to keep a journal, back in my teenage years. Each entry would start off "Dear Timmy". I would then go on to write about my daily happenings, my thoughts, my feelings, my hopes and dreams. I'm not sure exactly when "Timmy" became the name, or why, but I do know that I eventually decided I was going to marry someone who would change their name to Timmy for me.

I no longer consistently keep a journal. Part of that is because I no longer have time. Part of that is because I blog. But mostly, it is because I have Timmy. I have my wonderful husband, who is willing and wanting to listen to my daily happenings, my thoughts, my feelings, my hopes and dreams.

As a teenager, I prayed for "Timmy". I prayed that if God chose to give me a husband, he would be one who would challenge me spiritually. I prayed that we would be able to serve together in ministry. I prayed that we would be in love and enjoy eachother.

Three years ago today, God answered that prayer. Happy anniversary, Tim! You are better than I ever imagined. I love you!