Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Boo!

Our little Boo turned 3 today.  How is she 3 already?!  I think I tell her everyday, "You're getting so big". 

This birthday was so much fun.  She actually knew what having a birthday was all about.  She knew she was going to have "Happy Birthday" sung to her, eat birthday cake, and open presents.  She was excited, and that made it really exciting to watch as a parent.

She was allowed to open a gift yesterday - some play food from someone at church.
 I asked her what her favorite was, and she held up this chocolate.  :)
I spent naptime yesterday baking a cake.  I was so excited to use a train cake mould that someone from church had given me.  Unfortunately, my train did not turn out like the pictures.  But it was presentable, and Boo would have been happy with anything that remotely resembled a train.  :)

Last night, I decorated the cake.  I felt like I was making a gingerbread house with all the candy decorations.  It was fun!

 Our dinner tonight consisted of Boo's favorite food.  She has often requested hotdogs and french fries, and I believe tonight was the first time she ever actually got to eat that combination!  She was a happy girl.
 And she loved her cake!!!
 It took several tries and much coaching on how to blow out that candle...
 In true Boo fashion, she only ate the decorations off her piece of cake.
 Daddy with his Boo
 Mommy with her Boo.  (Babycakes was in bed by this point.  We didn't get any pictures of her with Boo.)
 Time for presents!  She was the typical kid, totally unimpressed with the clothes I got her.  :)
 But the toys were a different story!
 See that little pice of black on this box?  When she saw that she said "it's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse".  How did she know?!
 Boo's fun presents
 Of course we had to play with the toys.  Mommy and Boo played the Mouse-ke-tag game together, and then we had Family Play-Doh Night. 
 She enjoyed creating.
I love that girl!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Boo...And Her Big Girl Bed Too

I was getting Boo ready for bed several weeks ago, and she told me she wanted to sleep on the floor.  I was skeptical, but I had the time...so I said okay.  I set her up on the floor and expected to come back in about 20 minutes and put her in her crib.  (Boo will be 3 next week, but she has never tried to climb out of her crib.  I don't think the thought has ever occured to her.)

I was surprised when she fell asleep quickly and slept most of the night on the floor.  Daddy did have to go in and put a blanket under her during the night because she got cold. 

Here she is with all her stuff.
After that, Boo went back and forth about where she wanted to sleep.  Sometimes she was in her crib.  Sometimes she was on the floor.  We started putting her mattress on the floor for her so she would be more comfortable.  She still slept with all her junk.
We talked about taking the front of Boo's crib off and making in into a toddler bed...but we really need the crib for poor Babycakes who is still in a Pack and Play.  Plus, sleeping in a fun bed would provide incentive to stay in her bed.  So we started watching Craigslist.  In mid December, I found what we were looking for.  The price was great, so we brought it home...and stored it in the basement.  We needed plywood to go under the mattress.  My in-laws came to visit this weekend and brought the plywood we needed.

Yesterday, we presented Boo with her very own Big Girl Bed.  She was sooooo excited to see the race car in her room!!!
 She played in her room most of the night and made her Pawpaw stay in to keep her company.
After dinner at 5:45, she was saying it was time to go to bed.  Then when it really was bedtime, she played and played.  (She did stay in her bed the entire time.)  Finally, around 9:30 or so, she got quiet.  My husband snuck in before heading to bed and snapped a few pictures.

I love how since she's in a racecar bed, she slept with her racecars.  Usually she chooses her trains.
 This morning, she was still excited and smiley!
I hope this excitement about going to sleep lasts awhile.  :)