Friday, May 28, 2010

Five Favorites Friday

This post is inspired by the fact that our first visitors are coming this weekend, and our second visitors are coming two weeks later!

Five Favorite Things About Having Visitors:

1) We get to have visitors! It is encouraging to know that people find it worth their time to travel and visit us. (By "us" I mean Sarah, of course.)

2) We get to show off our area. I love that we have found some things to do around here, and I am excited to show them to other people. (Of course, this all depends on the sleeping schedules and attitudes of those under the age of 5.)

3) Our house has never been cleaner than it is right now.

4) We get to spend time with family! What's better than that?

5) Sarah gets so see her Nana, Papaw, Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Julie, and Ben. (We have been singing songs about it.) I am excited to see how she handles having visitors in the house and if she can share her toys for an entire weekend! (We will have to start a new song soon in preparation of Mawmaw and Pawpaw coming.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

16 Months

I just love these pictures, taken Sunday before church:
Sarah turned 16 months old a few weeks ago. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. Yesterday she and I looked through pictures from last year at this time, and I could not believe how much she has changed! Here is Sarah, 1 year ago today! Where did her chubby cheeks go?!
Sarah had her 15 month well-child visit last week. (We are a month behind on visits due to insurance issues.) The doctor was satisfied with her speech and motor skills. Sarah is now in the 50-75% range for height and weight. She got her 15-month shots and didn't have any issues with those, other than the initial discomfort.
This week we assembled the wagon Sarah received for her birthday. We have had several very nice days to put it to use, and she LOVES it.

Sarah has started doing a little bit of pretend play. She has been playing "night night" for awhile now - telling us "night night" and then laying her head down on her bear and smiling. This morning she put Bluebeary up to her sippy cup and made kissy noises like he was drinking. Then she held him up to her little microphone and made noises for him like he was singing. Very cute. She also enjoys trying on shoes. No shoes are safe. :)

A few days ago we discovered bubbles. This is Sarah's expression as she watched me blow bubbles over...and over...and over again:

Sarah isn't feeling well today. She woke up with a temperature of 102. Since then she has developed a runny nose and is just acting a little sluggish. She has been playing "night night" a lot and just wants to watch tv. She still won't cuddle though, so she can't be too sick! :)

We are looking forward to a visit from my parents and my brother and his family this weekend! They have been my motivation to clean the house and get our storage boxes filed away in the attic. Maybe we can even get pictures hung on the wall before they come! We'll see...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Five Favorites Friday

There are definitely more than five favorites about this topic. In order to stay true to the blog post title, I am only naming five. These are my favorites today - they may change tomorrow. :) But here they are, for your enjoyment:

Five Favorites About My Husband:

1. He is a thinker. He is constantly thinking about something important. :)

2. He is silly. Some people who have known him for years would not believe that statement, but it is very true. This leads to another favorite that I am going to combine with this one. He is funny. He comes up with the funniest comments that are totally unexpected, and he makes me laugh every day.

3. He makes me feel beautiful. I may not always like what I see when I look in the mirror, but he has a way of making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

4. He loves his little girl. He plays with her for hours on end. She is so special and important to him, and that is obvious to anyone who has ever seen the two of them together.

5. He loves the Lord. He strives to live each day for God's glory, and he leads our household by example. He challenges me every day, and I love to listen to him preach. His messages are not simply words that he prepares for Sunday sermons. They are filled with lessons that he has learned and is striving to live out in his daily life.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I am enjoying spending the day with my little one today. She and Daddy took me out to lunch yesterday, since we knew it would be naptime after church today. We had a great day together, and we are just relaxing today!

We had a delicious breakfast at the church this morning, and I was presented with this beautiful corsage:
My girl and me after church:
The coat in that picture is one that Mamaw made when I was a baby. My mom saved it all these years, and now Sarah is just about big enough to wear it! There is a matching hat...maybe some day she will leave it on long enough for me to capture a picture. :)
What a difference one year makes! Mother's Day, 2009:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Five Favorites Friday

I have decided to begin a weekly Friday theme. I love alliteration. What do you think of the title?

As you can probably guess, each Friday (that I post) I am going to focus on five favorites about something. Some posts may be silly. Some may be serious. Some may just be boring. Let me know what you think. :)

So for today:

Five Favorites about putting Sarah to sleep

1. She snuggles! She does not do this much any other time of the day. But at nighttime, when she is sleepy and ready for bed, she becomes a little bit of a cuddle bug. She likes to snuggle up on your shoulder and fall asleep in your arms.

2. She pouts "Mama" when I lay her in her crib. It is so sweet and pathetic and simply warms my heart.

3. She giggles like crazy when she sees Bluebeary and her cup of milk. She knows it's time for bed, she's ready for it, she's excited, and she shows it.

4. She gives lots of kisses. These become really funny to her in the dark, and she will do it over and over and over again.

5. She tries to trick her momma. She squirms around when she is trying to get comfortable in my arms. I'll ask her if she's ready to go in her crib, and all of the sudden her head goes down on my shoulder and she is as still as can be. That usually only lasts a few seconds though and she's at it again. It makes me laugh every time.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010