Monday, May 26, 2008

9 weeks along

We're 9 weeks pregnant today. I'm not showing yet, but my clothes are starting to get a little more snug. We have another appointment this Wednesday and our first ultrasound on June 5th. We're hoping to hear Baby's heartbeat at that time!

Baby is now the size of a grape. Baby has formed hands and feet and is developing a neck and wrists. Baby has a beating heart that has already divided into 4 chambers. It's amazing to think that this little one is only about one inch in size, yet is developing so quickly. We're enjoying the learning process as we find out more and more about this precious baby.

My nausea continues, and I am starting to develop food aversions. Tim is tolerating my moodiness well. :-)


Sue said...

Once the clothes start fitting snug, the belly quickly follows! I remember how excited I was with my 1st one, and now she's graduated from high school. Just yesterday she was getting into her wading pool and thought she was supposed to take her swimming suit off first, remember, Tim?!!!

Mom said...

A little miracle is developing
inside of you!!!!!!!!!!

You will soon have the little tummy
to prove it!!!!!!!!

Tim, I can't say for sure that you'll get a tummy, but it could happen!!!!!!!!!!!