Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am attempting to blog with a baby on my lap! I was supposed to work this morning, but I was put on call. Yay! Tim has a men's breakfast to go to, and he was going to take Sarah with him. I guess she got excited about getting up early for that, because here she is...awake an hour and a half earlier than usual. She is a happy girl though - banging on the table, squealing, and reaching for the keyboard. Little cutie.

I wrote that the 30-hour famine went well. After totalling up the money collected, we found that our little group raised about 1,000 dollars for World Vision. That is enough money to feed 2 kids for a year and one kid for 9 months. That is pretty amazing to think about!

We broke our fast last Saturday with Unimix. This is an easily-digested food consisting of corn meal, beans, sugar, oil, and milk, that is used to feed extremely malnourished children in emergency centers. It actually didn't taste too bad! We also had Progresso chicken noodle soup, potatoes, and rolls. Soup never tasted so good!

This week has been rather uneventul for us. Sarah has had a full week though! She has learned to scoot around a little bit. She has not realized her full potential yet...she could be crawling if she put her arm and leg motions together. I think she just needs to beef up her arm muscles a little bit. She loves to reach for things and wants us to carry her around the house so she can explore and touch everything. We are usually happy to comply. :) She also is mastering sitting up. The window in her room was open yesterday, and I had her sitting on her changing table looking outside. She sat on her own for a full minute before needing some balancing assistance. The girl is enjoying solid foods as well. Her diet now includes rice cereal, carrots, peas, and the newest - green beans! We had a time in there where she did not have a bowel movement for 5 days, but we had been told that could happen. Without going into too much detail...we're fine again. :) I think we just need to watch the amount of carrots she's eating - that seems to be the culprit.

Well, Girlfriend is ready to go back to sleep now!


The Vrugginks said...

What a great idea for breaking your fast!!! :)

Jer, Julie and Ben said...

I don't mind poop talk (obviously.) You can go into detail. :o) Thanks for missing me during my absence from the blogging world!