Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our apartment/My job

We moved into our little apartment last Monday. Tim was able to move in while I was at work, and I joined him and Sarah around 5:00 pm. The first thing I did was call my recruiter to express my disappointment. Our apartment is small, and that is not really a big deal. The problem is this: With my company, a furnished 1-bedroom apartment is provided free of charge, but you have to pay if you want a 2-bedroom apartment. We decided to pay for that extra bedroom. Well, our second bedroom is set up as a dining room because there is no other place to put a table! Click this link to check out pictures of our apartment. We are making this work...we can live with just about anything for 8 weeks! But we are still waiting to hear from my company about whether or not they are actually going to charge us for that second bedroom.

The job: It is going great so far. Ask me anything about the H1N1 vaccine and I will do my best to answer! The job is easy as can be. I give shots for 8-12 hours a day! It is nice to have a relaxing job for a change. I am enjoying the break. But I think I will be ready for a little more action after this assignment. I work with 3-4 "screeners" and 2 other nurses, and we all get along pretty well.

We were able to visit our families this weekend and look forward to doing that on future weekends as well. I was happy to find out that the flu shot clinic is closed Thanksgiving Day and the day after. That means a 4-day weekend and plenty of time to shop on Black Friday! :)

I have fallen behind on Sarah's picture of the day album. Rest assured, we are still taking pictures of Sarah and will update those albums when I have the time! :)

Speaking of Sarah...we may have a little tomboy on our hands! She likes to play with cars and trucks. Tim and I finally bought her a little tractor toy of her own to play with, and she loves it.

She had a blast playing with her cousin Drew this weekend, and he is starting to enjoy the attention she gives him. It's cute to watch.

Sarah is also learning to communicate a little better. It seems all her favorite things start with the letter B, and she slightly modifies her "buh" sound to let you know what she's talking about: Bluebeary, ball, bottle, book, etc. She is also matering the "point and grunt" to let us know what we should be doing for her. That girl is so much fun. :)

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