Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Week In Pictures

We had a really warm day last Thursday, so we headed to South Haven to walk around. For all of you Californians, we have beaches here too! It's just like being in Santa Barbara. :)
No, you cannot see across Lake Michigan. :)
Here's Sarah, impatiently waiting to go to church. She LOVES to go over to the church and walk around. She wants to do it daily.
Most of our furniture has arrived. We are supposed to receive our final couch tomorrow. They tried delivering it last week, but they got it stuck in the doorway and put a hole in it. Hopefully tomorrow goes better! If not, this chair will be returned and we will pick out another set. :(
That is not Sarah behind Bluebeary. That is Bekah, Sarah's new BFF. The two of them have been sharing toys pretty well - even Bluebeary! We went to a butterfly exhibit with some ladies from the church yesterday. Here's Sarah, checking out some rocks. "BALL!" :)
And of course, some pretty butterflies:

We have had a great week! Sarah is still chewing on her fingers constantly, so I am expecting some teeth to pop through any moment. Work is going well for Tim. I am working on reinstating my Michigan nursing license, and once that is finished I will begin the search for a part-time job. I am hoping for something "close" to home (30 minutes or less would be ideal) that doesn't require weekends. It could be a long search!

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Laura McLain said...

Sarah will be able to give tours of the church in a couple months. :) What a good PK!