Friday, June 27, 2008

13 Weeks

We had another doctor's appointment today. Our last ultrasound was done a little too early, so they asked us to come back for another. After that I also had an appointment with Dr. Haupt. Both appointments went well. Everything looks fine for both Mom and Baby, and the backpacking trip planned for next week was given final approval. The doctor's words of advice on that were: Don't overexert yourself. Don't drink bad water. Don't get sunburned. And don't get bit by a snake.

Baby's heart rate was 154 today. He said Baby is 7.4 centimeters (almost 3 inches) long right now. He also pointed out the baby's stomach on the ultrasound, which was really cool. One of my e-mail updates told me that Baby is developing fingerprints (unless he/she takes after Aunt Pam :) this week. This is fun, learning what's going on week by week.

Our next appointment is July 25th. We won't have another ultrasound until about 20 weeks - which will be around August 15th.

Well, here are some more pictures for you. Tim was camera-shy today, so I just have pictures of Baby, Me, and Big Ol' Belly.

Baby has a big brain - just like Daddy...probably already thinking about stuff...


Anonymous said...

HEY, da Muff!
I finally visited the sight and enjoyed the pictures. Especially those of THE GRANDCHILD!

Luff YA!

Mom said...

WOW amazing, how BABY has developed in only 13 weeks!!!!!!!!
Love the pictures!

Hmm, I was just thinking, the next ultrasound will be very close to my birthday. Since the sex of the baby will be determined then, WHAT A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY GIFT!!!!!!
(just a thought!!!!!!!!)

Love you,

Pam said...

Well as long as Baby Farley doesn't need a background check he/she should be set! ;o)
Cool pictures too!

Sue said...

Wow, you don't look much bigger! Tim has a "big head", but not necessarily a "big brain"-lol!! Besides, we all know who the smart ones in the family are, right?!!

Cathy said...

YAY! Jeni and I are going to have to come back out and play with the little one! How exciting would that be? Having the three most amazing kids all under one roof? You'd really be blessed :)