Friday, June 20, 2008

Back from vacation

Well, our vacation is officially over. We had a wonderful time visiting the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Las Vegas.

Things are going well with the pregnancy. We are now starting our 12th week, and I am feeling a lot better. I no longer depend on afternoon naps to get through the work day! Woo-hoo! We're really excited to enter the second trimester when all the fun stuff starts happening.

We have a doctor's appointment and another ultrasound next Friday.

We will be posting a few vacation pictures for you, but those haven't made it onto the computer yet! (It's slow-going, getting back into the swing of things.)


Pam said...

I didn't realize you were still on vacation. Welcome back!

Mom said...

So glad you had a great vacation.
Will look forward to seeing the pictures.

Good to hear that you have been able to give up your afternoon naps

will look forward to the update
after you doctor's appointment.

I love you