Thursday, July 24, 2008

The visiting Farleys

We have enjoyed the last few days with our visitors, and we still have a few more to go! We have been to the beach, a historical courthouse, shopping downtown, out on the pier, to a Danish town, and just hanging out around the house. We shopped for and bought a crib and unloaded many baby items to decorate our guest room (pictures to come). Today we are looking forward to seeing elephant seals, touring a castle, going to a farmers' market, and eating the best pizza in the world. Tomorrow will be a sunset on the beach, and Saturday we will go see the sequoias!

Here are a few pictures of our visitors enjoying themselves. Some of these scenes should look familiar to Mom and Dad DeArmon and to Cathy and Jen! Substitute your faces here!


Sue said...

Looks like eveyone is having a great time!!!

Mom said...

I'm so glad that Tim's parents
and Hailey had the opportunity to come to visit!!!!!

Looks like they are all enjoying
their trip.

Yes, many sights are very familiar