Friday, July 25, 2008

17 Weeks

Baby can sweat! My e-mail source states that our baby is developing sweat glands this week. His or her skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone. I haven't felt the baby move yet (that I know of) but hope to soon! I'm excited about that!

We had another doctor's appointment today, and everything checked out okay. Hailey went along and was able to hear her little cousin's heart beat. We will have an ultrasound August 11 and another checkup August 14.

Here are a few more pictures - my growing belly, Baby's new crib and changing table, and the rocker that Tim has claimed for himself - I guess he's going to be doing the midnight baby rocking. :-)


Pam said...

Well...if Baby is like the DeArmon's....Baby can SWEAT LOTS! LOL!!! ;o)

Jer, Julie and Ben said...

I love that rocker. So exciting to buy baby stuff... :o)

Mom said...

Mom and daughter in law think alike.Baby is already preparing
those DeArmon sweat glands!!!!!!

You look great!!!! I love your hair cut!!!!!

All of the baby furniture is very nice!!!!!

I'm excited that Tim is preparing
for those mid night rockings!!!!!!

Love an hugs,