Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home From Camp (Click for pictures)

We're home! We spent a week of camp up at Lopez Canyon with our youth. I was a counselor for 3 of our high school girls plus 2 girls from another church. We had a fun time. The week was not without drama, but that is to be expected when a large number of teens are in a small area with eachother for a week. :-) I had the opportunity to lead cabin devotions every night, which was difficult for me...but a growing experience nonetheless. It was great getting to know the girls better! I am glad to be home to my own bed and shower though.

Tim was counselor to 4 guys from our church plus 2 from another church. He also had the opportunity to lead morning devotions for the other staff and counselors. He did a good job, as always. :-)

In baby news: We are now 19 weeks along. Apparently Baby is not a Barbie doll. According to my e-mail updates, "her arms and legs are in the right proportions to each other and the rest of her body now". That's encouraging. Monday is our ultrasound. We are very excited about that!

Just wanted to let you know we survived the week. More to come after our ultrasound!

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Pam said...

Just here reading your update and Micah started chanting, Rachel, Uncle Tim, Rachel, Uncle Tim, over and over. ;o) Isn't he cute??