Friday, August 1, 2008

Back to the routine

Well, our visitors left Sunday morning. It has been quiet around the house...possibly too quiet...having family visit makes me miss them even more.

I felt Baby move! I wasn't sure if I was really feeling anything at first, but it has been happening more and more the past few days. I don't know how to describe it either. I've heard "butterfly wings" "bubbles" "tumbling" "fluttering". None of those really describe it. Help me out here, moms. How would you describe your experience? I guess everyone is different, but I'm curious.

We leave for camp Monday. I thik Tim and I will both be high school counselors again. Tim will also be leading morning devotionals for the staff. It should be a good time of bonding with our high schoolers - and several of the college students who will be there helping with music and crafts.

That's about it here!


Mom said...

It's soooooo exciting when you begin to feel the baby move.If you can't describe it and you are experiencing it now, I certainly can't be much help after 27 years!!!!! But, as I remember, at first it felt like a litte twinge!


Pam said...

Gee-mine felt like jet lag. Then, it felt like little legs kicking me in the back while I was trying to sleep. Oh wait, that was what mine was! LOL! I guess that wasn't what you were looking for!