Tuesday, October 21, 2008

29 weeks

We had a checkup last Monday afternoon that I never posted about. Tim was able to go to this one with me, since he didn't have to work that day. I still get a kick over the fact that he was able to go to this one - it was the first "negative" appointment I have had to date. My weight was up quite a bit from last month, so the doctor gave me a little lecture about cutting out fats and sugars. Bye-bye Pepsi. :( I must say that I deserved this lecture after our visit to Ohio. There was a lot of good food there! :)

I have done much better this week. I have been tracking my calorie intake off and on prior to these changes, but I never really realized how many unnecessary calories I was taking in! So - I have been able to stay in the recommended ranges this week and actually ended up losing 2 pounds. While losing weight is not my goal, it's good to be back on track!

Everything looked good with Baby at the appointment. He or she was kicking away the whole time. We are now in our third trimester, which means our appointments increase to every 2 weeks. I have never been so excited to go to the doctor before!

Dreams about Baby are in abundance. I had a dream that we had a boy. He was born early, so we planned to hide him in our car for a week so people wouldn't know we had found out the sex of the baby! Dad D apparently had a dream that included the sex and name of the baby - which he won't share until the baby's born. I guess he wants to see if he's right. Tim had a dream we had a very smart baby girl. As a newborn, she called Tim "Papa" and knew Drew's name. Pretty amazing!

Well, this week is full of fun stuff for both of us. I get to go out of town for the weekend. Our women's retreat is Thursday through Saturday. Tim gets to eat. He has a pastors' breakfast this morning, Golden Years Fellowship Friday, Men's breakfast Saturday, and Pastors' appreciation potluck Sunday. As he put it, this is not a very healthy week for pastors.


Jennifer said...

I haven't been able to comment for awhile. I can't believe you are in your 3rd trimester already. You look great!! I wish I could have made it to your shower. A gift will be coming after you have your baby! I want to get a gender appropriate gift and I can't do that yet. So, here are my predictions...Gender...boy (b/c Eileen and I both had girls)...Name...Tim?...Height...20in...weight...8lbs.6oz

Jennifer said...

Oh and birth date...Jan. 1st