Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Appointment and Class Update

There is nothing new to report from my doctor's appointment Monday. Everything still looks good!

Our first childbirth class went alright. It was odd when she dimmed the lights and had us do some relaxation exercises. I can't say that I really intend to use visualization during labor, but I guess you never know until you're there!

Friday night is our Trunk or Treat. Ours is a little different than the one Pam explained on her blog, if you read that. The main difference is that we aren't decorating our cars - we are dressing up ourselves though! The Trunk or Treat is intended to be an outreach to the community during the trick or treat hours. Our main attraction will really be a bounce house, but we will also have carnival games, a photo booth, and cars with open trunks from which we will hand out candy. I'm excited to see how this turns out. It's impossible to know how many people will show up. Tim and a team of people from the church have been working really hard on the details for a few months now. We will be handing out little cards about the church with the candy, and we plan to follow-up with people at their houses afterwards to deliver the pictures taken at the photo booth. Pray for us this Friday!

That's it for us right now!


The Vrugginks said...

Oh childbirth classes - funny times! Instead of a week-by-week thing, Greg and I did an all day Saturday thing and we seriously should have been kicked out for laughing at all the breathing, visualization, counting, etc. stuff - it was just too funny to us! Who really does that when they are in pain and finds it helpful? I can't wait to see pictures of your little one - just a few more months! :)

Mom said...

We will be praying for your Trunk or Treat night and that this would be a great outreach!

Love you,