Monday, April 27, 2009

Ohio Trip

We had a wonderful week. Everything was terrific. Family, friends, food. Ohio was good to us. :)

We left here Sunday night and were able to spend a full week visiting and enjoying our Ohio friends and relatives. We took many, many pictures which can be viewed here, and just a little video. I have to share one video clip. This was taken Saturday night:

Sarah rolled over! She did it three times, but she was never able to pull that arm out from underneath her. Yesterday she mastered that. I'm so proud of that girl! She hasn't rolled from tummy to back yet though.

So we're adjusting to being back in California. Tim went back to work today. He either has a cold or allergy flare-up, but he isn't feeling that great. Sarah seems to be about 1 hour off - she was up at 6:30 this morning rather than 7:30. I go back to work Saturday, but I have classes on Thursday and Friday for my ACLS certification.

Will post when something else interesting happens. :)

1 comment:

Mom said...

We certainly enjoyed your week in Ohio!!!!!!!
You took some good pictures ( of which I want copies) but you also had a great subject!!!!!!

So, little Sarah rolled over, that's only the BEGINNING!!!!!

Hope Tim feels better soon!!!!!!!!

Love and prayers,