Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She'll be fun at Christmas

Since Sarah has been born, I have been receiving free issues of Parenting Magazine. I enjoy these magazines - free is always nice. They contain useful articles and have led me to many helpful frugal parenting websites. A few days ago, Sarah found another use for them. :)

Ah, that girl...I sure love her. :)

She outgrew her infant carrier. :( I had known all along that the weight limit was 20 pounds. I was timing it out...we had about 2 more months. Then a few days ago, I read the sticker on the carrier again. It also has a height limit: 26 inches! She reached that around 5 months! Sad, tall girl. Tim installed her rear-facing converter seat in my car. Unfortunatley, this means that if she falls asleep in the car, we will most likely have to wake her to get her out

In light of this, I have been experimenting with new ways to get Sarah to sleep. I found one that is good for Mommy and Baby: bouncing on an exercise ball. With Sarah's ability to fight sleep and my determination to fight right back, I am going to have excellent abs. :)


Pam said...

Ahh no sleep? No fun...:( I have a few sleep books if you are interested??? Has some good suggestions. She's a cutie! Sad...Micah is just now hitting 25 lbs.:)

Jer, Julie and Ben said...

Just have been catching up on your posts. What a little angel. LOVE the pics. Can't wait to see her soon!!

I think you should market the diaper idea!

Love you guys!