Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just some cuteness

So we were at WalMart the other day. I turned my back on Tim and Sarah for 2 minutes, and the next thing I know, these 2 little guys were in the cart, planning to come home with us. They're really soft and cuddly. I think Tim and I may like them more than Sarah does. :)

I have really enjoyed having the last week and a half off work. Our situation these last few months has not been ideal: I work on Tim's days off so that he can watch Sarah while I work. That's great as far as Sarah having a parent home most days of the week, but I have missed being able to spend the entire day with my husband and our little girl. This past week has been a lot of fun.

Sarah has been cutting a lot of teeth lately. Here is a picture that shows the top row:

We took Sarah for her flu shot today. I was very proud of that little girl. Tim was getting the flu mist for himself, so he took Sarah back while I was in the lobby writing a check. They came out before I was done, and I hadn't heard Sarah cry at all - so I assumed they had not done the shot yet. Tim told me that Sarah watched the tech inject the needle and didn't even flinch! I was amazed. So proud.

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Pam said...

Oh my word. What a doll. She looks like you in that picture. Wow! I could eat her up.