Monday, October 26, 2009

Pictures and Videos

I have some pictures and videos to share! First, some pictures from our last few days in California.

Visiting Pismo Beach:
Visiting Santa Barbara:
Our final visitor in California: Holly! She came out to help us with our trip across the country. While she was there, we ran into some snakes in Santa Barbara. So Holly held one. :)
Now for some Ohio pictures:
Here is Sarah with her daddy, taking in the fall colors.
And touching the fall colors:
Hanging out with a few of her cousins, Hailey and Tori:
And making a new friend, Gabriel:
I also have a few videos I wanted to share. First, Sarah has learned a new game. I was attempting to entertain her on a road trip last weekend, and she caught on to this and loved it. :)

The second: My dad loves popcorn. He has perfected the art of airpopped-popcorn. Here is a little clip of Popcorn How-To. (No, he did not know I was filming him.)

I am being told I have spent too much time on the computer. That's all for now!


The Vrugginks said...

Abbie has started lifting blankets over her head to play peek-a-boo too - how fun! :)

Robynne said...

We throw Aidan's blanket over his head and he pulls it off. He hasn't quite grasped hiding himself, I don't think. :)

She's so adorable! So awesome that she gets to experience real fall. :)