Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life as 4: Week 2

We have been having a blast here at the Farley Funhouse.  Don't get me wrong:  We are all still adjusting, and we are all cranky and short-tempered at times.  But overall, we are just having a blast and enjoying our time as a family of 4.

Baby Cakes is showing her sweet temper.  She is an easy baby so far.  Of course, she is still under 2 weeks old and things could change.  But she is easy-going, sleeps about 18 hours a day, and only seems to cry when she's hungry or over-tired.  She sleeps well at nights, going to bed around 8:00 and waking up every 4-5 hours to eat until her morning wakeup time of about 7:00.  Actually, many times I wake her to feed her because she grunts and roots around in her sleep.  I can't sleep through that, and I know she's hungry, so why not?  :)
Sweet little sleeper

Baby Cakes had many "firsts" this week.  She had her first bath on Saturday and she LOVED it.  Sunday was her first week at church.  We didn't make it through much of Sunday school or church, but she and I were there.  :)
First Sunday dress
With her silly sister
She had her first few sessions of tummy time and doesn't hate it.
Love those big eyes!
And we broke out one of her first toys this week:

Boo enjoys it too:

Princess Boo is still adjusting.  We are getting back on track with the bathroom issues I mentioned last week.  Our diet has changed to include a greater variety (and quantity) of fruits and veggies, Activia, and white grape juice.  That seems to be helping a lot.  She still wants her diapers as well.  But she is as sweet as ever, and growing so much every day.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure she's a genius.  She can spell her own name.  Who taught her that?!

She is a puzzle whiz and loves to put together her "red beep beep" puzzle:

I have been trying to make special efforts to spend time with Princess Boo every day.  On Tuesday we went to the playground with some friends.  She had a blast there.  It was definitely an activity she needed, and I am hoping we can make this a weekly thing in the future.  Baby Cakes slept in the sling the entire time, so we all enjoyed it!

That was our week.  Daddy is enjoying some much-needed time out of the house today.  I am enjoying some much-needed alone time, as the girls have been napping for the past 3 hours!  I hope to get out of the house with Baby Cakes later today to do some shopping, but we'll see!

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Beautiful pictures!! So happy for you guys that all is going well. Princess is doing a great job with the puzzles too! That is awesome!

Love your scrapbooking post too! One day I hope to have books like yours!