Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Boo!

Our little Boo turned 3 today.  How is she 3 already?!  I think I tell her everyday, "You're getting so big". 

This birthday was so much fun.  She actually knew what having a birthday was all about.  She knew she was going to have "Happy Birthday" sung to her, eat birthday cake, and open presents.  She was excited, and that made it really exciting to watch as a parent.

She was allowed to open a gift yesterday - some play food from someone at church.
 I asked her what her favorite was, and she held up this chocolate.  :)
I spent naptime yesterday baking a cake.  I was so excited to use a train cake mould that someone from church had given me.  Unfortunately, my train did not turn out like the pictures.  But it was presentable, and Boo would have been happy with anything that remotely resembled a train.  :)

Last night, I decorated the cake.  I felt like I was making a gingerbread house with all the candy decorations.  It was fun!

 Our dinner tonight consisted of Boo's favorite food.  She has often requested hotdogs and french fries, and I believe tonight was the first time she ever actually got to eat that combination!  She was a happy girl.
 And she loved her cake!!!
 It took several tries and much coaching on how to blow out that candle...
 In true Boo fashion, she only ate the decorations off her piece of cake.
 Daddy with his Boo
 Mommy with her Boo.  (Babycakes was in bed by this point.  We didn't get any pictures of her with Boo.)
 Time for presents!  She was the typical kid, totally unimpressed with the clothes I got her.  :)
 But the toys were a different story!
 See that little pice of black on this box?  When she saw that she said "it's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse".  How did she know?!
 Boo's fun presents
 Of course we had to play with the toys.  Mommy and Boo played the Mouse-ke-tag game together, and then we had Family Play-Doh Night. 
 She enjoyed creating.
I love that girl!!!

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