Monday, February 20, 2012

Hair Bow Organizer

I joined Pinterest a few months ago and am in love with it.  I have found so many fun crafts and ideas since joining.  Now the only problem is...I need time to complete these projects!
I love hair bows for my girls.  I have made a few that were inspired by Pinterest.  But I needed somewhere to store these bows, so I found an idea on Pinterest (of course). 

This idea originally came from The Frugal  I liked their idea of using a picture frame and ribbon, but their bow organizer seemed a little small to me.

I searched in my attic for old frames, and I remembered a frame I had from an old mirror in my first apartment.  The mirror broke in a move, but I liked the frame so much that I kept it.  It was perfect for this project.

Then I started thinking about what scrapbook paper to use as the background.  The mirror frame was a little too big to use scrapbook paper, so I started thinking about fabric I had "for later".  I remembered an old scrub top I had been given a few years ago.  I liked the pattern on the top, but I never actually wore it.  I wasn't a big fan of the bow in the front.  Again, perfect for this project.

I found some ribbon I liked at Walmart, and I set to work.  All I had to do was cut the front off the scrub top, position it on the back of the frame, and tack the back corners down with some hot glue.  The back of the frame is not pretty, but nobody will ever see it, so it doesn't matter.  Then I tacked the ribbon on the back with some hot glue, clipped the bows in place, and hung it on Boo's wall.  Ta-da!  A beautiful bow organizer, ready for some more bows:

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