Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trunk or Treat - Click here for more pictures

Our Trunk or Treat night went really well. We got home about 45 minutes ago, and I am still a little bit wired. There were many people from the church who helped out, and we ended up having more kids come through than I expected. I know there were at least 150, but Tim has a more accurate number. The littler kids really seemed to enjoy the carnival games, and parents stuck around for quite awhile so they could play and get candy. Here are a few pictures to highlight the evening. Click the title to see more!Tim was a cowboy and I was a magician. I had a stuffed rabbit under my hat that I would pull out. I'm an amazing magician. :)

Our trunk or treat trunks - apparently we were supposed to decorate them! :)

The bounce house - if you look to the left you can see our "bouncers". The Incredible Hulk intimidated the kids a little bit. :)

Rocket scientist whose rocket apparently blew up in his face :)

Indiana Jones and The Robot


Mom said...

I'm so glad your Trunk or Treat night went so well!! You have alot of contacts to follow up!
We will pray that God will open their heart to the Gospel!!!!!
Enjoyed the pictures!!!
Timmy makes a cute cowboy!
Is he trying to shoot the rabbit?
Love and Prayers,

Robynne said...

I never saw the bunny!