Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts on diapers, thoughts on prayer

Light topic first:

Why hasn't anyone invented a diaper that fastens in the back? Especially for toddlers? What mobile baby is going to lay still on their back long enough for you to take off the dirty diaper, wipe them, apply cream if needed, slip a new diaper underneath, and fasten the new diaper? And what mobile baby is going to leave said diaper in place if you do not get pants over it as soon as possible? Now if it fastened in the back, Baby could be on his or her belly, happily playing with tags or floor lint as you slip a diaper underneath and fasten it in the back.

A little deeper:

Why is it that I find myself saying "All I can do is pray" as if that is not the most effective tool I have in my life? I find myself thinking "If only I could actually DO something". I realize I say this because prayer is not something from which you instantly see results. You may say to someone, "I'm praying for you", and they may be encouraged by it, but you do not directly see results. It's not like making dinner. You make dinner, you feed it to your family, you watch them eat it, you see them stop, you know they are full, and they are satisfied. Prayer is not tangible. It is also difficult to see the answers to your prayers. You may get a "yes", "no", "wait awhile", or "I want to give you this instead". It may not be the answer your want. But it is an answer.

I realize it is absurd to think of prayer as a last resort. Lord, help me not to just realize this, but to live it in my daily life!

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