Saturday, January 9, 2010

DeArmon Birthday (scroll down for earlier post)

We celebrated Sarah's first birthday with the DeArmon family today. Jeremy, Julie and Ben were able to come in for the day, Grandma D was able to join us, as were Super Dawn (who does not want to be called "Miss" or "Aunt" and is therefore "Super" by default) and my parents. Not too many words in this post - enjoy the pictures! More will be posted on Facebook after the Farley celebration.

She did not enjoy this crown. :)

Elmo cupcakes!

Mmmmm! She had been eyeing these cupcakes all day yesterday! Finally she got to try one.

Classic. This is her pose 8-10 times a day. So glad she found her nose.

Red frosting was an excellent choice. Good job, Mommy!

Playing with Cousin Ben

Opening gifts! Check out her eyes - this was a big box. :)

Oh look - a box!

Ribbons are fun.

Her loot:

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Jer, Julie & Ben said...

I love that one with the BIG box and BIG eyes! So cute. Thanks for inviting us to share in the festivities!