Friday, February 19, 2010

1-Year Appointment and Pictures

We took Sarah in for her 1-year checkup last week, and she is on track developmentally. The doctor said she is a strong little girl and that everything looks great. :) Let me just say: I miss the girl who gave the shots in California. She got it done before Sarah even figured out what was going on. This girl here took forever, Sarah was bawling, and we had to hold her arms and legs down throughout the process. By the end of it, Momma was crying too. And then we had to have blood drawn to check her lead level. Poor little Sarah. The tourniquet was the worst part of that for her though. All in all, she was a trooper.

We recently had a friend take Sarah's 1-year pictures. I am so excited with how they turned out. Dawn is a talented photo editor, and she was able to take out a few bumps and bruises that were on Sarah's forehead that day. I love the creative spin she put on some of these, too. I am only sharing 5, because that's how many Blogger allows me to upload at a time. :)

Just in case we ever forget her name:
My Mamaw made this dress, and I wore it in my 1-year photos. In mine, I am holding a babydoll with a matching dress. Sarah's not into babydolls. She is VERY into Bluebeary.
So many Elmos! Can life get better?
Buckeye Baby! She's a cute little cheerleader.

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Jer, Julie & Ben said...

Only just saw these! AWWWWWWWW!!!! I love that baby girl!!!