Monday, July 5, 2010

Grocery Challenge: Weeks 2 & 3

I have not been posting about the Grocery Challenge like I had intended to.  Last week, it was a bit of a challenge to stay within budget.  We needed quite a bit of produce, and that is difficult to budget out before actually weighing it at the store.  I usually start at the back of the store and work my way forward, but I tried something new and started with the "variable rate" items and moved on to the "fixed rate" items.  I was able to stay on budget though, so I am pleased! 

Week 2 Grocery Challenge Totals:
Meijer:  $71.01
Walgreens:  $2.80
Total:  $73.81

One thing I would like to work on this week is building up my stockpile.  You can see in this picture that I got a few jars of salsa,some chickens and cheese for the stockpile.  Hopefully I can add more this week.  However, I do have some added challenges this week:  We are hosting a family for dinner tonight and are hosting the church for an outdoor service on Sunday.  We are supposed to provide the main course on Sunday night for approzimately 60 people, so I am nervous to see how that will fit into our budget!

After shopping for our dinner tonight and a few odds and ends for the next few days, our current amount spent for Week 3 is $29.33

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