Friday, July 23, 2010

A Week In Photos

Just a little bit of an update: 

The job hunt is not going too well for me.  I interviewed with Human Resources at one hospital for a surgical floor position and have not heard back from them in almost a week.  That is disappointing, in a way.  I was not overly enthused about the hours required for that position, but I would have liked to be offered the job.  :)  I have another phone interview with Human Resources at another hospital next week.  This is for a part-time home health position, and I am very interested in this one.  I have not experienced home health since college, but it was something I looked into when I was job searching in CA and would still consider.  Pray for me as I interview and continue my search!

Our church is heading up a little cafe at the county fair this week.  I volunteered there Tuesday night and will be there again Saturday night.  It was a lot of fun to work with and talk to people I usually only see on Sundays in passing.

We took Princess to the fair yesterday morning, and she absolutely LOVED the horses.  We saw a family from the church there who had a miniature horse, and Princess just stood at the stall and stared for about 10 minutes.  When we finally pulled her away from the horses, she had a fit.  I will not be surprised if the words "I want a pony" start flowing out her mouth soon.

Now on to the pictures I promised you:

Mmm, bananas!  Maybe she is going through a growth spurt, but this girl has been eating like crazy this week.  She ate 1 and 3/4 hot dogs last night for dinner, and she keeps going to the fridge and pulling out yogurt.  Today I found her with a box of Cheese Nips, chowing down on those.

Daddy bought her a new ball.  Talk about a happy girl!

I think she looks absolutely adorable all dressed up, carrying her ratty blue bear:

These are my favorite of her hand-me-downs.  So cute!

I watched a friend's kids so she could volunteer at the fair.  I was pleasantly surprised that the three of them got along really well.  The only issue was trying to get two crying babies down for naps at the same time!  It ended up working out though.  :)

Another pleasant surprise:  Princess shared her toys!  (The ball popper is always a big hit.)

The princess and I had some friends over Wednesday morning.  I didn't get any pictures of the three babies, but here are the older two boys, playing:

I inflated my exercise ball yesterday.  Princess had a BLAST with that!

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