Wednesday, April 13, 2011

34 Weeks

Today marks 34.5 weeks for this pregnancy.  I had a checkup with my midwife today, and all looks good with Baby at this point.  She was telling me today that if I were to go into labor at 35 or 36 weeks, they would try somewhat to stop it, but they would not be very aggressive.  After 37 weeks is of course considered full-term, and labor would be more than welcome!  :)  I told her I was planning on 41 weeks, and she said that was a good idea.  Any guesses on when this baby will be born?!  (Technically, the due date is May 21.)
The princess likes to point to my belly and say "Too big".  :)
 Baby's heart rate was 144 and she was moving around like crazy.  However, she is laying sideways in my uterus.  That is why I am switching to weekly checkups at this point (a week earlier than usual).  If she does not seem to be head-down next week, I will have an ultrasound to confirm, and we will go from there.  The way she is laying right now, she has a great angle to kick at my right pubic bone.  She seems to enjoy doing that.  Note:  This transverse lie of the baby is usually an issue at this point of pregnancy, but she was breech two weeks ago.  We are hoping she is simply in the middle of turning head-down!
A gift from a lady at church.  So appropriate!
I have been doing some more serious nesting.  I completed one more project this week.  I had an idea to make matching burp cloths and bibs, but I ran into some trouble when sewing on bias tape around the edges.  I finally learned how to do that, and here is the result!  I have 3 reversible sets for Baby, so we are set on these!  My only regret is that I did not purchase enough flannel to make matching receiving blankets. 

Another nesting project:  I spent an hour and a half yesterday working on bat-proofing our attic.  We had 2 bats last year and 1 so far this year, so we are trying to eliminate any possible entrances.  Bat-proofing the attic really amounts to rearranging all our boxes and duct-taping any seams or holes in the boards up there.  This is phase one for decorating Baby's room.  Phase two will be cleaning out the big bedroom (aka exercise room).  Phase three will be moving the guest room into the big bedroom.  Then phase four:  Decorating and setting up Baby's room!  :)

We are getting excited!  The church is hosting a baby shower on Saturday, and I am looking forward to celebrating Baby with everyone!  I still cannot believe we are so close to meeting her though.  This has gone so quickly.


karen said...

You did a great job on the bibs and burp cloths. Love your prints, they are so cute. I need your tip on how to apply biase tape well, I gave up years ago. So happy for you and your soon to be new arrival.

Rachel said...

No-swearing Bias Tape Method:

Loved this tutorial!

Jen said...

Rachel, you are amazing. I really do want to know when you find time for all these projects!! Can't believe it is almost time!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Wow! You ARE nesting! Get your rest too!

Your bibs and burp cloths are so beautiful!! I am not a fan of bias tape either. So, I will check out the video too!

Enjoy the shower!