Saturday, April 23, 2011

36 Weeks + Baby Shower

Let me begin with last week's baby shower, since I am so late in posting about it!

Last Saturday, our church was so sweet and thoughtful to host a baby shower in our honor!  It was a fun time, and I was overwhelmed by the amazing food and numerous gifts for baby.  My parents were able to come up for the weekend, and my mom joined me at the shower.
Mom and me
Baby received many clothes, and this outfit came with a matching one for Big Sister!  How cute, and how fun to dress them alike.  :)
Big Sister was not forgotten in the gift-giving.  This shirt of course came with a "little sister" outfit.  Perfect for pictures!!!
This is my friend T.  She is an amazing cake decorator, and I loved the idea she used for my cake.  It says "April Showers Bring May Flowers", and one of the flowers has a baby face in the middle of it.  Yes, I ate the face.  :)
The princess loved playing with and in all the gifts, bags, and boxes.  :)

36 Weeks:
I had an appointment with my midwife on Wednesday.  I think I posted on here before about how Baby was breech at 32.5 weeks and transverse at 34.5 weeks.  Well, at this 35.5 week checkup, she seemed to be transverse still.  I was disappointed.  I was hopeful that the breech to transverse position change was a slow turn into being head-down.  Not the case.  :(  My midwife ordered an ultrasound to make sure what she was feeling was correct.

On Friday, we went for the ultrasound.  My midwife was correct, and Baby truly is transverse in there!  Otherwise, she is doing just fine.  She measured to be 6 pounds (give or take a how accurate is that?!).  Her heart rate continued in the 140's, which is consistent with every other checkup.  Unfortunately, she was also consistent with every other ultrasound and did not offer any good pictures!

So what do we do now?  A transverse baby cannot be delivered vaginally, for obvious reasons.  I have another appointment on Tuesday, and we will talk about our options.  We already talked a little bit about seeing Sister Maureen, who specializes in pregnancy massages.  She has had some success turning babies through her therapies.  Also, there are some things I can be doing at home to encourage the baby to turn. 

I am still hopeful that Baby will turn.  She is still making large movements in there, and she still has some space.  I will update as we learn more though!  :)

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What a beautiful shower!

The cake looks amazing!