Sunday, September 14, 2008

24 weeks

Maybe I don't want to be pregnant for the rest of my life. Being able to eat just about anything I wanted to was fun while it lasted. I have new respect for those who live with heartburn (I feel you, Dad). It took about 4 days of having it to realize what it actually was. :) Now I'm learning what triggers it and how valuable it is to keep milk stocked in the fridge!!!

My belly button is disappearing, and it is becoming difficult (and painful) to bend over. What will the next 16 weeks bring? :)

The doctor's appointment Wednesday was fine. He measured my abdomen and said I am right on track. He has not mentioned anything about my weight gain, but I have been watching that myself and am happy to say that it is staying on track as well.

We had an all-church picnic yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Tim was in charge of games for the kids, and he had them playing Capture the Flag using water ballons rather than tagging each other out. I enjoyed watching from the shade. :) It was nice to just spend some time with everyone.

AWANA is going well - we had 12 junior highers last week, and everyone came again this week. They're a great group of kids, and we really enjoy working with them. The high school group is going well. We have a movie night planned at our house this Saturday for all of them. Woo!

We are looking forward to our trip to Ohio in just 3 weeks. Time is sure going quickly. We are excited to see everyone again! We miss you guys.


The Vrugginks said...

You're coming to OHIO!!! :) WHEN and WHERE? Will you and Time have time to get together with our little fam.? It would be great to see you!!! :

Mom said...

Well, the next 16 weeks you'll learn to bend over only when necessary. That's the time to wear slip on shoes or have Tim tie your shoes.
We are REALLY looking forward to your visit in three weeks(actually
two now!!!!!)