Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I had the opportunity to teach the junior high AWANA lesson this past Sunday. We were studying Adam and Eve, and the kids took turns reading from Genesis 2 and 3 as I illustrated the scene on the white board and explained what was going on. One thing that struck me during the lesson was in Genesis 3:21 - "And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them." Adam and Eve had just caused the entrance of sin into the world. God had to punish their disobedience. Yet in the midst of this, He made them garments of clothing. He took care of them. He provided. Not because they deserved it, but because He is God.

God provides for us in various ways, and I wonder how many times I just allow His provision to go by unnoticed...or to think in some way that I deserved it.

God has provided for us during this pregnancy in many ways:

1 - We actually are pregnant! He could have said "no" or "wait awhile", but He allowed this pregnancy at this time.

2 - We have been given many of the large baby items we need - for free! Through a move of Susan's neighbors and a visit from Tim's parents, we were given a stroller, baby carrier, several carseats, rocking chair, changing table, swing, high chair, bouncer, bassinet, baby clothes, sheets, stuffed animals, etc.

3 - I have been provided with everyday clothing! The pastor's wife at Mom and Dad Farley's church gave me her maternity clothes, and Heather loaned me hers. I have only had to purchase 2 pairs of capris and a few t-shirts!

4 - I have been provided with work clothes! Just as I am beginning to outgrow my scrubs, they are having a scrub sale at work. People are supposed to bring in their old scrubs and sell them for 5 dollars apiece. A friend of mine asked me to take some clothing in for her - but told me to go through it first and take out anything I could use. Now I am set for the rest of the pregnancy!

5 - We have had good health for Mom, Dad, and Baby. There has not been a discouraging doctor's visit yet!

God is good. All the time.

My prayer is that when life gets rough (as it is bound to)...when it's hard to see His provision...when it's difficult to praise Him...that we would still realize and be able to say, "God is good. All the time".

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