Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rainy Day!

It's raining! I love it.

I got my favorite early-morning phone call at 5:15 today. "Would you like to be on call today?" Why of course I would like to stay home and clean my house on this rainy day! And I know you won't call me in, because I worked yesterday and saw that there are at least 2 patients on our floor that are being discharged this yes, yes, I will stay home and clean for 5 dollars an hour. And then at 7:00 tonight I will go eat pie. Lots of pie.


Things are going well here. Baby continues to grow stronger and kick harder each day. He or she is now big enough to push on my ribs and pelvis at the same time. :) I continue to get more uncomfortable as the days pass, but I am encouraged that I will be able to go off work earlier than I originally thought! The date still isn't finalized, but I'll take my doctor the paperwork at my next appointment - December 9th.

Tim and I were able to put the border up in the baby's room this weekend. The room is coming together slowly. I'll post pictures when it is officially ready!

Tonight we have a pie and praise fellowship at the church. This is a yearly tradition the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Tim and the worship team are leading the songs. I wish I could post a clip of the special music they did on Sunday, by the way. It sounded especially beautiful.

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