Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Placenta Brain

So I really have not had much to complain about during my pregnancy. There have been a few minor things. Yesterday I realized that I am currently suffering from what I hear is a common pregnancy malady: Baby steals your brain. Here is a conversation from yesterday to serve as an example:

Tim: "We need to put that carseat in the car soon. Probably in my car. Then it will be ready to go when we need it."

Rachel: "Well we'll have to take it back out if Baby doesn't come before we go to pick my parents up from the airport."

Tim (looks confused): "Why?"

Rachel: "It won't be comfortable with two people in the backseat and a carseat between them."

Tim (a little slowly to be understood): "We have two cars."

Rachel (even more slowly to show Tim he is being ridiculous): "We're going to take two cars to the airport?"

Tim simply looks at Rachel like she has lost her mind. Then it clicks to her: We could take the OTHER car to the airport!

Baby, come quickly.


Robynne said...

I can just picture that whole conversation.
I love you, Rachel.

The Vrugginks said...

Once it goes it never returns - haha - I think I still have baby brain! :)

Missy Farley said...

Oh my gosh that is way too funny. I remember several times when the baby zapped my brain cells and I sorta shall I say it....STUPID for a split second. Wait til the baby comes and you have no sleep just try and function then.

Robynne said...

I really like the caption on your baby countdown meter thing.