Friday, January 2, 2009

Baby's Due!

Baby is due today...but I don't think Baby knows that. :(

So I join the typical first-time moms (overdue) and wait "patiently" for my body to go into labor! I did experience some contractions last night for about 2 hours. They were regular and about 10 minutes apart, so I thought something might be starting to happen. But...I went to bed and they stopped sometime while I was asleep. Today - nothing to speak of.

Have no fear - when the time comes, I will put a post on here before we head to the hospital...unless of course we have a tv/movie delivery where the baby pops out in a matter of minutes and I don't have time to get online. I just don't see that happening though.

The good news: Remember how people predicted the baby's due date at the Ohio baby shower? Well there is at least one person who has chosen each day from now until the 12th...which means someone will be right! :)

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