Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1 month appointment

Check out how blue Sarah's eyes are in this picture. I wonder if they will stay this color.

Yesterday was Sarah's one month appointment. Girlfriend is definitely growing! She weighed 10 pounds, 5 ounces (which is the 81st percentile), measured 22.3 inches (88%), and had a head circumference of 39.4cm (92%). I don't know how Farley babies usually grow, but her size follows the DeArmon pattern...big! :)

I love our pediatrician. She is very personable, and she doesn't make me feel like any of my questions are stupid. She assured me that if Sarah wants to sleep through the night, it is okay to let her. Yay! I also asked her about the grunting and groaning that has been going on, and she said that's just how some babies sleep. This morning I put a hat on her head because she seemed a little cold, and that seemed to help a bit...along with keeping a pacifier in her mouth.

Well, it's time to wake Princess and feed her. I'm supposed to keep her on a feeding schedule during the day so that she learns daytime is for eating, and nighttime is for sleeping. I hope she's a quick learner. :)

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