Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have been feeling really good lately, and I have been trying to establish some sort of routine for myself that includes time for cleaning, exercising, Bible study, etc. It's difficult to find time for everything! Little Princess' schedule doesn't allow very well for my schedule! :) My thought last night was that I would get up at 7:00 this morning and get some exercise in before Sarah woke up at 8:00 (as she has been doing consistently for about a week). So what did Little Girl do? She woke up at 6:00. I guess we know who's setting the schedules around here!

Getting up at 6 really did allow me to accomplish quite a bit this morning though. She took a nap, and I was able to do my Bible reading, do some pilates, and dust and vacuum the living room and dining room. Woo-hoo!

Tim and I are excited about this Friday. We are going to attempt to see Lance Armstrong (and others, of course) in a time trial. The Tour of California is riding through Solvang (about 40 minutes south), so we are planning to go watch. They are riding through Paso Robles (about an hour north) tomorrow.

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