Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uma, BumGenius, Hands and Feet

Tim and I had a conversation about names a few weeks ago. We were talking about families whose names all begin with the same letter...for instance, my cousin Jimmy is married to Janet and has children named Jenna, Jordan, Jamison, Justina, and Janson. I just stated that we would never be able to do that since his name starts with a T and mine with an R. He pointed out to me that we now have "R, S, and T". That is unfortunate for any future children! The next one's name will have to start with a Q or U!

Now for a product review: We have been using cloth diapers for a few weeks now, so I feel I am an expert. :) We chose the BumGenius one size diapers, and they have been working out great for us. The pros: We have only had leaks due to user error (whereas our Pampers seem to leak everytime she is in them). They are just as easy to use as disposables. They are environmentally friendly. After 3 months of use, they will be saving us money. The cons: They are big and take up lots of space in the diaper bag. I have to wash them every other day. That is my product review. I highly recommend these diapers to anyone who will listen. :) Of course, Sarah is only 1 month old...we'll see what I say a year from now!

Look at Sarah's little hand holding my thumb. This was taken when she was one week old:

Look at her cute little feet. This was taken last night:


Pam said...

Oooh love the cute feet!

Jennifer said...

Love the name conversation ;) She is too precious. I love little baby hands and feet!!