Monday, February 9, 2009

28 days

While I was pregnant, I found a cool website with information about my baby's development week-by-week. That website continues to give updates after your baby is born, so I get an e-mail from them every week, telling me what's new with Sarah's development. This week, my e--mail informed me that Sarah is no longer a newborn! The official date for transitioning from newborn to infant is 28 days. That was Saturday. How sad! My baby's growing up!

Tomorrow, Sarah will celebrate her one month birthday. She and I have big plans. We're going to see the doctor, and then we're heading up to the hospital to visit my co-workers. Woo-hoo! I am anxious to find out how much the girl weighs. She has definitely put on the pounds this past month.

We are learning more about Sarah every day. I am glad to find out (based on the last 2 Sundays) that Sarah knows Sunday is nap day. She's a good kid. :) We're still trying to figure out exactly why she grunts and groans so much in her sleep during the early morning hours. She's asleep, but she's obviuosly not comfortable. This morning the grunting started around 7. I woke her and fed her, and she was fine for about an hour - then it started again. I picked her up, and it stopped while I was holding her. But about 5 minutes after I set her down, she started up again. Tim layed her on his chest and let her sleep there. She was perfectly content with that. Maybe she's just cold and can't get into a deep sleep. Her skin didn't feel cold though. Any ideas? We'll try bundling her up a little more tonight and see how she does.

Here are a few more picture for you:
This is a little bit of an awkward pose, but look at that smile! We're getting to see that more and more these days. :)

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Missy said...

Maybe she does need to be bundled up. When Tori was a newborn you couldn't put enough blankets around her. The more around her the happier she was. My mom always laughted at her but she was the most content when she was completely covered and wrapped up and warm.