Friday, May 28, 2010

Five Favorites Friday

This post is inspired by the fact that our first visitors are coming this weekend, and our second visitors are coming two weeks later!

Five Favorite Things About Having Visitors:

1) We get to have visitors! It is encouraging to know that people find it worth their time to travel and visit us. (By "us" I mean Sarah, of course.)

2) We get to show off our area. I love that we have found some things to do around here, and I am excited to show them to other people. (Of course, this all depends on the sleeping schedules and attitudes of those under the age of 5.)

3) Our house has never been cleaner than it is right now.

4) We get to spend time with family! What's better than that?

5) Sarah gets so see her Nana, Papaw, Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Julie, and Ben. (We have been singing songs about it.) I am excited to see how she handles having visitors in the house and if she can share her toys for an entire weekend! (We will have to start a new song soon in preparation of Mawmaw and Pawpaw coming.)

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