Monday, October 25, 2010

Llama Llama Red Pajama

I have decided to begin a new feature on my blog:  Book reviews.  I will include books that I am reading, as well as books I am reading to the little princess.

We took a trip to the library today and picked up a book with which Princess and I quickly fell in love:  Llama Llama Red Pajama, by Anna Dewdney.

This story presents the two sides of bedtime drama experienced by many, many families.  First there is Baby Llama, safely tucked into bed, who begins to miss his mama.  He calls for her, waits patiently for a bit, then begins to worry.  This worry eventually turns into a full-blown fit.  Meanwhile, Mama Llama is trying to get some cleaning done, the phone rings, and she is delayed in answering her baby.  The story climaxes as Mama runs up the stairs, her face covered with the anxiety any parent would feel as their little one screams for help, only to find Baby tucked safely in bed, waiting for her presence.  Thus the stage is set for my favorite line of the entire book:  "Please stop all this llama drama and be patient for your mama".  How many times have I uttered similar phrases to my little princess!

My princess loves books that rhyme and have captivating illustrations. This book meets both criteria. The rhymes are entertaining, and the storyline teaches two important lessons for preschoolers: Patience and trust that Mama will take care of them.

I have no negative statements to make about this book.  I am always impressed by someone who can write and illustrate their own story, as Anna Dewdney does.  I am a new fan of her work, and I look forward to reading more "Llama Llama" books in the future.


Elle Belles Bows said...

Thanks for the book review/recommendation. Ella loves books that rhyme now too, but she will only allow Momma to read the rhyming books. Poor Dad! Thanks! Kerri

Anonymous said...

this series is awesome...we've read all three books a least a billion times. they just released the newest one...llama llama holiday drama, we are getting it soon.

jen barber