Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn Already!

Time is flying!  I cannot believe it is already autumn...and that our little girl will be 21 months old tomorrow!  Last year at this time, she was crawling around, pulling herself to a stand, taking two naps a day, and still drinking from a bottle!  What a difference one year makes.  :)

The weather has been niiiiiice the past few days, and we have enjoyed some time outside.  Yesterday we went for a walk on the bike path.  It was perfect - warm weather, the smell of fall, and leaves crunching under the stroller as we walked. 

I am trying to talk my husband into taking us out for ice cream today, before it gets cold again.  That should be a perfect celebration for an expected Buckeyes win. 

We had a minor breakthrough yesterday and today.  Bluebeary has stayed in the crib all day!  Yes, you read that right.  We had to make several trips into her room yesterday to make sure he was still there and doing alright, and he did come out today to help her wind down before nap time.  But I am amazed that she has done so well without him. 

Here are some pictures of the princess:

 She woke up too early from her nap last Sunday and just wanted to snuggle with Daddy:

She absolutely LOVES lining up her "beep beeps".  She lines them all up and then comes to one of us and sweetly says "more".  Wait till Christmas, honey.  Wait till Christmas.

She also has a new fascination with her rubber duck.  I think this stems from her love of VeggieTales and repeatedly watching King George and The Ducky. 

And what could be better than snuggling with Daddy while holding every ball she could find?  :)

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Missy said...

Oh my heavens....the picture of Sarah standing up with a pink shirt and skirt looks so much like Jeni when she was little. I'm surprised Susan hasn't seen this and commented yet.