Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tot School: Colors

Tot School
Our princess is 21 months old.
We continued working on colors for Tot School this week.  I continued to use the blue and green foam shapes from last week and added yellow and red to the mix.   The princess seemed to enjoy our games of "take the yellow car", and she even sorted colors into piles.

We also began working on our Color Book, which I downloaded from COAH.  I had her color each page with crayons, and then we pasted the appropriate pictures in place.  That girl loves to paste!!!

I was encouraged when we went to Staples this week.  We saw some different-colored balls, and Princess pointed to one and said "boo" (blue).  Her expressive language in developing much slower than her receptive, so to hear her attempt to say a color was very encouraging.  Oh - and she was right about the color!  :)
I am trying to get into the routine of reading with Princess every day.  We seem to be hit-or-miss with that, but we are working on it.  Her current favorite book is a collection of Biscuit stories.  These are great, because the stories include pictures of things she is familiar with, and she likes to point them out and tell me what they are.

Gross Motor
Princess jumped for the first time this week!  We sing a song at playgroup each week that involves jumping up, jumping down, spinning around, and falling to the ground.  She did all the motions for that, but the most impressive was the jumping.  I had her do it for my husband when he got home from work, and we all got a kick out of it.  She does the typical kid one-foot-off-the-ground jump, while her face and reaction make it seem like such a big deal.  So proud.  Also - Princess learned to "bear crawl" this week.

Free Play
Princess loves to visit our game cupboard.  She pulled out this game of checkers and had a blast putting the checkers on the board.  I was impressed when she handed me all the red pieces and said "Momma" and kept the black pieces for herself, saying "Suh" (which is how she says her name).  Way to sort!

Outdoor Fun
We had a good time outside this week.  It is getting a little chillier, but this little girl still loves to be outdoors.  She LOVED playing in the leaves this week.

Next Week's Plans:
Continue working on colors.  I plan to add 2 colors per week until we have learned all the colors in the COAH color book.  I also have a few craft ideas to introduce, and of course I will share details on those next week!


Elle Belles Bows said...

Looks like a great week! Thanks for sharing! Kerri

Jennifer said...

LOVE that picture in the leaves!! Sooo cute!

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing!