Thursday, November 11, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

I had a conversation last week with a retired kindergarten teacher.  I love talking with elementary educators.  I always walk away having learned something new, whether something to avoid with my child or something to foster.  This teacher encouraged me to work on teaching my little princess her nursery rhymes.  I will admit, this is not something I am good at.  I probably know 3 nursery rhymes off the top of my head.  So when I came across the book Humpty Dumpty (as told by Kin Eagle and illustrated by Rob Gilbert), I was very excited.

I sat down with my daughter and began reading.  I was thrilled with the flow of the words.  I knew the first verse by heart, but the other 7 verses were new to me.  In fact, I did not even know they existed until now!  The new words flowed off my tongue, and I found myself almost bouncing to the meter.  We read through once and the Princess smiled up at me and sweetly said, "More".

We also enjoyed just flipping through the book and talking about the illustrations.  I must say, the first time we read through the story, I thought the illustrations were a bit old for her.  They do not contain the usual vibrant colors we are used to.  However, the pictures seem to shimmer in a way, and we both found that captivating.  Each illustration went along perfectly with the story, but our favorite was the final page depicting the child's nursery.  This page contains so many details that are familiar to the Princess, and it is a great picture for sparking conversation.

We were very pleased with Humpty Dumpty, and I look forward to learning and teaching more nursery rhymes in the future!

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