Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet Spot.

Chances are, if you have met Sarah, you have met Bluebeary. Sarah is very attached to Bluebeary, and we have often commented on how difficult it would be if she were to misplace or forget him somewhere. We have not been able to find a double to use as a backup, and we dread the day when we might need one.

While we were at Walmart today, I was looking at the different baby stuffed animals. I found a rabbit, a brown bear, and a dog. I held them in front of Sarah and told her to pick one. Of course, she grabbed them all and placed them in the cart right next to her. We repeated this process 3 times. Each time, she chose all three and smiled. She seemed to show a bit of favoritism towards the dog, so we brought him (and only him) home with us.

Let me introduce you to Sarah's new friend. This is Spot.
Spot is Sarah's daytime lovey. She can still have Bluebeary at naps and at night, but we are promoting attachment to Spot at all other times. He can be replaced, but it looks like Bluebeary can not. She is doing rather well with Spot and really seems to like him. I think he has enough resemblance to Bluebeary that this just might work. We'll see. Tomorrow could be a totally different story. :)

Just a few pictures for you today. I love this one. She was just laying on the floor, watching TV, holding her feet like she's 4 months old and just discovered them. :)

She has watched Daddy get ready to go outside a few times. She likes to imitate. :)

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Jen said...

Good idea to get a new lovie. Maddie has her monkey and the day we lose it we are in BIG trouble!!!

Love the pics :)