Saturday, September 11, 2010

Zoo and Baby "Belt"

I have lots of photos for you today!

First:  I am attempting to make our blog more stalker-proof.  We have never had an issue that we are aware of, but I realize I have not been taking as much precaution as I probably should be.  For that reason, you will notice the change of names on the blog.  I will be referring to our daughter as Princess (because she rules the house), and my husband and I...well we'll see what names come up!  :)

Princess and I went to the zoo this week with a friend of mine and her two little ones.  My husband and I had never taken her to the zoo before, because she still seems so little to us, and we didn't know if she would enjoy it.  Well, Wednesday was a cool day, and kids were back in school, so it was a perfect day for a zoo trip.  Princess loved it!  So did the other two kids.

Here are a few pictures:

Sharing graham crackers with a monkey:

Bless the person who thought to put a wooden train in the zoo for kids to play on.  They LOVED it!

They also loved these drums.  :)

Smiley Princess:

Baby "Belt":  One of my nephews has the same issue as Princess - a tiny waist.  Okay, more than one nephew has that issue, but I am thinking of one in particular.  My sister-in-law bought him a Dapper Snapper, which acts as a belt while taking safety and potty training into consideration.  I saw the price of these and was a little disappointed.  But I liked the idea, so I tried making one.  Success!  Mine is not stretchy like the original, nor is it as attractive.  But it is functional, adjustable, and affordable (about $2.00 to make 2).

AWANA starts this week!  I am looking forward to working with the 5th-6th grade girls at our church.  I have never worked with this age group before, but I am sure we will have good times.  :)  I am so thankful for various ladies of the church who have volunteered to work in the nursery to make this possible.  So excited. 

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