Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Favorites

Princess is changing every day.  She is starting to string words together, but it is still a major guessing game to figure out what these phrases actually mean.  She says something that sounds like "what it is" a lot, and I think I have heard her say "no not yet" on occasion.  She is so much fun.

She has some new favorite activities.  First:  Getting inside her blocks box, covering herself with blocks, and then chucking them over her shoulders.  Note:  It is best to stay in front of her during this activity.  :)

Another favorite:  She is able to climb onto the seat by the window, and she will play for an hour at a time, lining up her "beep beeps" and moving them around.

And my personal favorite:  The Toys R Us ad.  This has been her best buddy for quite a few days now.  She likes to carry it around and turn to the Power Wheels page and point out all the "beep beeps".  I dread the day when she realizes all the toys in there are for sale.  :)

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