Friday, May 20, 2011

40 Weeks!!!

So today is the day.  Yes, all along I have said the 21st is my due date.  Actually, it's the 20th.  I just like saying the 21st better.  So today is the day!  Come on out, Baby!

I had a checkup yesterday, and of course not much is happening.  I am at 1cm, which is better than last week.  Baby is still head-down!  She still hasn't dropped yet though, so I was encouraged to do some walking.  I did some gentle bouncing on an exercise ball last night while I watched American Idol (go Scotty!).  Maybe that will count for something!

I am writing this around 12am because I just have a burst of energy.  I know I'm supposed to go scrub the floor of the baby's room or something, but this is more fun.  Maybe this is the pre-labor energy burst that people talk about?  Or maybe I am faking yet again.

Faking?  Yes, I have faked having an energy burst at least twice this week.  It didn't send me into labor, but it did result in a clean floor under my refrigerator, an organized lazy susan, and a half-organized closet (interrupted by a curious 2 year-old). 

I am still feeling pretty well in this pregnancy.  I have a lot of hip pain from sleeping on my sides at night, and most nights the couch is more comfortable than my bed.  Other than that, I don't have many complaints. 

In the life of the princess:

We have had quite a few beautiful days recently and have been able to get outside to play.  One of her favorite things has been to "clean clean dirty green beep beep".  I am not sure how she got to be so fond of cleaning, but she LOVES it.  :)

Girlfriend LOVES to brush her teeth.  I have to limit her to 3 times a day, and she has daily fits over not being able to brush her teeth more.  Again, I am not sure where she gets this!!!

We have a new addition to our toy collection:  Charlie.  That's right, Charlie Horse.  :)  He was sent home with us from a friend's house, and he receives much love and attention here.  I just wanted to include a picture so I could mention his name.  My husband's a creative genius.  :)

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