Monday, May 16, 2011

Inducing Labor: Home Remedies

Around this point of pregnancy, many women begin to get antsy about when "The Big Day" will occur.  I am no exception.  I find myself on the internet several times a day, Googling "early labor symptoms", convinced that my running to the bathroom every 1 hour has more to do with being in early labor than the fact that I am drinking crazy amounts of water.  I have also Googled "home remedies for inducing labor" and found some interesting ideas!

You really don't have to Google home remedies though.  Many women freely offer information on what worked for them.  Some of these ideas are weird.  Some are crazy.  Some are plain dangerous.  But some just make me laugh.

Two examples: 
"Mexican food worked for me"...spoken by someone who was induced.  Perhaps it was actually the induction that worked for her?
"Eat pineapple.  It worked for me."...spoken by someone who later said, "Recreate the moment of conception.  That's what worked for me." was it the pineapple or not?

I decided to try my own home remedies for inducing labor.  I have been keeping a friend posted on my attempts every day via Facebook, but I think these are fabulous ideas that should be shared with everyone.  So here are the things I have been doing to bring on labor.  One of these is going to get the credit for being "the way to do it", and I will share my idea with every pregnant woman I meet.  :)

Thursday 5/12:  I went to Old Country Buffet and made myself a taco salad with lots of jalepinos on top. I heard about this one girl that did that and then went into labor the next day.

Friday 5/13:  I just got back from a 30-minute walk. I heard about this girl who did that every day for a week, and then she went into labor.

Saturday 5/14:  I just got back from eating Mexican food and ice cream. I heard about this one girl who did that and then had her baby the next full moon.

Sunday 5/15:   I went to church this morning. I have heard about so many women have done that and gone into labor the same week. I think I will even go back tonight!

Monday 5/16:  I went to the grocery store AND shoe shopping with a potty-training 2 year-old. I had to run across the parking lot carrying my 27-pound girl because the shoe store didn't have a bathroom. We made it to Taco Bell in plenty of time for her to be successful. Pretty sure someone I know had the same scenario and went into labor later that week.   Note:  I didn't get any shoes. I also didn't get any Taco Bell.

Today I also bought a pineapple.  I intend to eat the entire thing.

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Amanda said...

Ha! I love the "helpful" advice people give when you're pregnant. Praying you meet your little girl soon!